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Legal Defense Plan


The National FOP Legal Defense Plan


The FOP Legal Defense Plan was created by the FOP for its members and is operated by Hylant and was designed exclusively for the legal defense protection of law enforcement professionals.  The FOP Plan protects your personal career and financial security.


  • The Plan provides coverage for Administrative, Civil, and Criminal Claims.

  • Participants have the right to select their own attorney(s).

  • Plan pays for all reasonable and necessary attorney fees.

  • No stated coverage limits or deductibles.

  • Comprehensive protection for FOP groups and individuals backed by dedicated claims services.

  • Available only to active law enforcement FOP members. (Associates can received legal coverage under the Group Plan Only).

  • LEOSA Coverage Included


Retired Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Coverage


The FOP Legal Defense plan is offering Concealed Carry Coverage (LEOSA)  for retired law enforcement officers.  Legal Defense coverage will be provided for civil or criminal claims associated with LEOSA.  The annual cost per participant is $75.00.


Please note if you are currently a Legal Defense Plan participant, coverage for LEOSA is automatically included.


For more information on coverage please click here.


North Dakota Legal Defense Plan

NDFOP offers Group Rates at $324.00 per year

This can be done four different ways.

  1. Payroll deducted by your department if eligible @ $27.00 a month.

  2. Pay quarterly at a rate of $81.00 per quarter.

  3. Pay quarterly at a rate of $81.00 per quarter with an automateic recurring quarterly payment option.

  4. Paid in one lump sum annually at $324.00.



You MUST be a current FOP member to qualify for the Legal Defense. If not a current member, your money is NOT refundable and you will not be qualified for any legal defense. If you have any questions, you can contact the State treasurer, secretary, or your local lodge officers. 


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