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Lodge 2


On April 17th, 2023 the Grand Forks FOP Lodge #2 awarded five scholarships to applicants who have parents that are FOP members.  The recipients were based off of their GPA, involvement in school activities and involvement in the community.


The five recipients were:

Jordan Dvorak

Jordan Dvorak.jpg

Nolan Macki

Nolan Macki.jpg

Sydney Jennings

Sydney Jennings.jpg

Kelly Middleton

Kelly Middleton.jpg

Yasmin Johnston


During November 2018, the Grand Forks Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #2 donated 107.5 lbs of food along with $69 cash which can purchase 966 lbs of food (for a total of 1,073 lbs).  

This was donated to a local food pantry in Grand Forks.


Ashley Monreal and Troy Vanyo both members of Grand Forks Lodge #2 dropping off the donation.

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